Friday, August 21, 2009

The Clubhouse

We had a clubhouse somewhere in Beenleigh. It was someones rented house but the Dogs all used to meet there once a week.
The first time I went there, there was a heap of blokes there, all about my age, all half pissed and full of bad manners. I cant remember anybody specifically at the first meeting, apart from James Devlin.
I probably went there with Dave, possibly Stevo (Michael Stevenson) and maybe Monkey (Dave Balcombe)
The club had a weekly fee, from memory it was $2 a week from each member. Not a lot of money these days but the mid 70's it was plenty. A pack of cigarettes was less than 50 cents so compared with todays money it was around $40.
The money was used for beer and I'm not sure what else. There was a club secretary and a Sargent at Arms.
One of the secretaries was holding the money collected from dues, we were also having meetingas at his house, in the downstairs area, common in houses in queensland.
 He "lost" the club money and  was excommunicated from the club, his father had to come down and break up the fight.
I remember the club President at that time was George. He took over from James. I dont know why James quit the posiition, possibly he was sick of looking after a bunch of beligerant children. I dont remember any ceremony or voting process. Someone can probably fill the bit of info in later

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